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Read On To Discover One Simple Piece Of Information That Will Have You Brewing Like A Pro

Dear Beer Lover,

I’m going to show you how you can brew beer better than anything you’ve ever tasted, but first ask yourself this question…

How would like to drink delicious flavoursome beer for as little as 20 cents a bottle for the rest of your life?

I mean talk of the table, surprise your friends at how good it is beer.

Interested? If so read on, because what I’m going to show you serving and sipping your own signature beer in just a few weeks from now and lapping up the compliments from family and friends.

Read On To Discover One Simple Piece Of Information That Will Have You Brewing Like A Pro

Perhaps you’ve tried to brew before and have been underwhelmed with the results. Don’t worry it’s not your fault. You were kept in the dark.

I remember serving my first home brewed beer to my neighbor, a kit beer in a can which I bought from the supermarket, only to receive his polite but false praise. I appreciated his effort, but I must admit the beer didn’t exactly blow my mind either.

Being an optimist I put this down to it being my first brew and had another go at it, only to achieve a similar lack luster result. What went wrong?

I followed the instructions to the letter, and that was exactly the problem

Little did I know how much was involved in brewing your own beer, how fragile the process can be, so easy to get wrong, but so easy to get right…if you know how.

It’s no accident those instructions led me astray, seeing as the company which created the kit I used also brew a very popular of bottle conditioned beer.

Now I’m not suggesting the ingredients in those cans are no good, I’m saying is the instructions on the side are far too vague. If a home brewer was to follow these instructions every time they would be brewing their Ales, Lagers, Pilners and Stouts all the same way – with the same yeast! How can this be right?

Using The Same Method For Every Brew Can Not Achieve The Different Flavours Available Across The Many Styles Of Beer

So what does a home brewer do? Spend endless days or weeks surfing the internet trying to piece together the process?

Brew the dozens of failures it takes to work it out, wasting time and money?

Let me share with you something about the corporate breweries that only dawned on me much later
  • they don’t want you to know about the importance of fermenting at the right temperature
  • they don’t want you to know about the many different strains of yeast available to you and they definately don’t want you to know how to brew with them
  • they don’t include anything more than than a single sentence (if that) about one of the most important aspects of home brewing – Sanitation

There is so much they leave out

They don’t want you to brew your own, they want you to buy theirs!

I had learn it all the hard and expensive way.

Here’s Why This Is Of Interest To You
You Can Grab All The Insider Knowledge It Took Me Six Years To Learn – Right Here – Right Now


Brewing Basic – Everything You Need To Know To Make Kick-Butt Beer At Home

Brewing BasicsThis comprehensive course is jam packed full skills, tips, techniques and “tricks of the trade” a new home brewer must learn one way or the other if they are to consistently brew great beer

  • No More: Surfing the internet confusing yourself with too little or too much information
  • No More: Failures. Only rivers of beer produced by your own hand
  • No More: Wasting you time and energy suffering the long list of problems
With Brewing Basics You Will Discover How To
  • Eliminate the hold bacteria has on your brew so you can achieve a clean fermentation – every single time
  • Achieve that floral hoppy bouquet we love in our beer with the correct hop boiling times
  • Make sure you don’t produce acrid eggy or sweet after tastes in your beer with the ideal conditions for fermentation
  • Ferment beer which keeps its head, all the way to bottom of the glass, leaving that delightful lattice of foam clinging to the side
  • Securely trap your fizz in  the bottle so you never serve a flat beer
  • Eliminate the explosion if glass bottles, knowing for certain when your beer has finished it’s first fermentation. So important, especially with children around.

Learn it all in one place before you start, and WOW your family and friends with your own signature beer

Skip straight past the teething problems faced by most new home brewers and get right in to the thick of creating your own personal flavours with the freedom of extract brewing.
With Our Riveting 32 Page Illustrated Course You Will Learn…

  • The lingo used in home brewing so yo can talk the talk, ask question and get involved with other brewers with confidence
  • An explanation of the three methods to brewing and tips to help you decide which is for you
  • The equipment needed and how to use it – don’t get caught empty handed on brew day
  • Everything about the two biggest to affect the outcome of your beer and how you can quickly and easily manage both with articles you already have lying around the house
  • The simple mathematical formula used to calculate alcohol percentages so you know what you are drinking and serving to your guests
  • The entire process step by step, from sanitation of the equipment, making up the wort, to bottling and then to serving your bottled beer. Eliminate the guess work.
Our Bonus Gift To You

If you are serious about making great tasting beer at home and rewarding your bank account in the process, order now and you will receive our three part video course – absolutely free.

That’s right, as a bonus to you, these video demonstrate the entire brewing process start to finish. Explaining all the way you will watch an experienced brewer perform the following

  • Demo the equipment and supplies showing the correct application and usage of both
  • Assemble the ingredients in “the boil” using bittering and flavoring hop varieties
  • Revitalize de-hydrated yeast so it’s at full strength and vitality before pitching so it can get straight to work on those fermentable sugars
  • Demonstrate how to achieve ideal brewing temperatures
  • Bottle the finished product, capping securely and ensuring ideal carbonation
  • Explain the best conditions to store your bottled beer in to make sure your serve it as good as it can be

Ever wondered why beer is kept in brown bottles? The answer is right here in these videos.

This bonus is not available anywhere and is yours to keep and watch as many times as you like.

Another Bonus For You

To make things as easy as possible we’ve put together two printable worksheets to follow when making up your wort and monitoring the temperature of your fermentation. No need to print out the entire ebook, just print off the worksheet each time you brew and follow your

  • Equipment checklist
  • Step by step point guide
  • 21 day Temperature table

There’s one for Kit brewers and one for Extract brewers.

Brewing Basic – Everything You Need To Know To Make Kick-Butt Beer At Home

When you buy a beer at the liquor store it doesn’t come with a money back guarantee…

When you buy a can of kit beer at the supermarket you don’t get a money back guarantee…


Our 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure you will be brewing beer far better than what you thought previously possible that we are taking all the risk for you. If you are not totally satisfied with what you achieve, and let us know within 90 days you will receive a full refund on your purchase, no questions asked.

That’s right, you can enjoy the security a 90 day, 100% money back guarantee while you knuckle down and get brewing! In 90 Days, you can brew two batches of beer and try them to make sure you are happy!

So How Much Is It Going To Cost To Get Hold Of This Amazing Home Brewing Course?

For information as good as this, you might expect to spend well over $50 dollars

Information that will reward you over and over again with delicious beer, crafted by your own hand, Beer that is a fraction of the cost of what you have bought it for up until now, But I genuinely want to see people brewing great beer and supporting this great industry, so I’m not going to charge $50, $40 or even $30.

Just $27
Purchase the course today for as much as most people spend on beer in a week.

For just$27, a one off payment, you will receive sound information that will save you money, create a great beer, earn you compliments from family and friends and entitle you to brag to whomever you want over the beer you make.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Brewing Basics

  • Brewing Basics 32 Page Illustrated Ebook
  • Bonus 3 Part Video Course Demonstrating The Entire Brewing Process
  • Two Printable Worksheets To Make Sure You Have Everything You Need Before You Start And Help Monitor The Fermenting Temps While The Yeast Does Its Work
Ill Even Throw In Two Free Extract Recipes


Act Now To Secure Your Order

Simply click Add To Cart and you will be taken straight to our 100% secure payment page.

With our 90 day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose, except your weekly trip to the liquor store.

Don’t delay any longer, avoid the frustration, order now and begin your journey to becoming a Master Brewer.

Best Wishes


P.S. Remember this product is 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEED for 90 DAYS! No risk, just the freedom to brew at your own pace and test the results.

P.P.S Remember what you get for that purchase price

  • Our 32 page illustrated beginners course, packed with all the information you need to get going, without the fluff you find in other courses
  • Our 3 part video tutorial in which you will watch an experienced brewer demonstrate the use of all equipment needed and talk you through exactly what is done at each step along the way
  • A No Obligation Gift Report on the 5 most common mistakes made by New Home Brewers.
  • Two Printable worksheets, one for Kit Brewing and one Extract Brewing, including a step by step break down and a 21 day temperature monitoring chart.

P.P.P.S This one simple piece of informationwill improve your results out of sight and get you brewing beer you can share with you family and friends with great pride in no time. No need for extra equipment or expensive 500 page books, just thereal factsabout how your brew reacts to its environment.

P.P.P.P.S. Remember, so much of what you spend at the Liquor Shop goes to the government in tax , why do they view alcohol as a sector they can tax the hell out of and not suffer a reduction in sales? Because most people who start homebrewing do so with a can of kit beer, and give up after not too long because of ordinary results. Others never graduate past Kit Brewing because they don’t know where to start. Right here, right now is where you start. Be exceptional.


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The product is in the following formats

  • ebook is pdf format
  • complimentary report is in pdf format
  • videos are packaged in a rar file
  • printable worksheets are in pdf format.
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